NaNoWriMo 2014 is nigh

National Novel Writing Month is here. The glorious triumph of 50,000 words or more will be mine again this year. I am also glad to say that a friend will be joining me, yay.

I’m trying to keep ahead of the 1,667 words a day might minimum by writing at least an extra 200 words in addition.

I’m working on several different projects as the inspiration comes to me but my main project is the second part of Path of the Righteous which will be published next year.


Bubble-bursting: absolutely NO casual chatting about works in progress!

I decided to STOP talking about manuscripts I’m working on to my friends.

Chatting about the story (even if the feedback is positive and my friends are interested or excited), kind of “bursts the bubble”, so to speak. I soak up any immediate gratification I get from people’s interest and awe over my idea for a book when its better to JUST WRITE THE BOOK INSTEAD. Chatting about it makes me feel like I did something…and I didn’t. It also releases my own excitement and motivation to get the words down so I end up just kind kind of lazily driiftng around in my lovely, fantastical ideas where they remain locked in their own world in my head when they should be getting written down or typed out word for word.

So I accepted that the only thing to do is to write that book.

No more talking. Talking about the book isn’t writing it. Hold all that pressure in, keep the surface tension, maintain the bubble. It can’t be done until its written first.

Its way more exciting to give my friends and readers a wonderful book, as opposed to just telling them about it.