Preferred Tongue: Romantica or Erotic Romance

I did not know that Ellora’s Cave trademarked the word “romantica”. I just read about it in a thread on Goodreads. Wouldn’t put it past them so I’m running with it.

In late middle school and high school, I was really into Ellora’s Cave so I imagine I might’ve read the term romantica on their website. I quickly fell out of love with Ellora’s Cave when I realized that many of their publications and the so-called HEAs include questionable race (and gender) politics, like most of the mainstream media and the romance market itself.

I always thought romantica was a general portmanteau for Romance and Erotica. For a minute, I was confused about whether it was something I started using for the afore mentioned reason or if it was Spanish term that meant something else and I was using it incorrectly. Hearing that the word has been trademarked, I can’t help but think how ridiculous it is that people can use the government to say they own a word.

Saying erotic romance works just fine for me.