Updates 8/25/15

I have several posts I’ve drafted for later but I wanted to update before the end of the month by mentioning what I’m working on.

I had planned on publishing the second part of Path of the Righteous this past June on my birthday but I felt it was a better idea to let that deadline drop. So many ideas bombard me at once, it’s difficult to focus on finishing after getting something started then running smack into a sticky point or a word desert.

I do plan to have a number of things finished this year, including several short stories and perhaps an anthology. Well, at least the first drafts. I hope to include Path of the Righteous on that agenda.

I am currently writing a short story entitled Love Little. It’s a summer time story about a boy living in a small town who befriends the new girl after his parents force him to go to “health camp”. This type of fiction is not usually my style of writing stuff (no dragons, no faeries, no space age technology or aliens, no bad ass women warriors with magical swords) but it came to me in a dream so I wrote it. I always feel my work, no matter how drenched in fantasy, is literary but this is more literary and non-fiction in nature.

In addition to Love Little, I’m writing another short story, Exactly As You Like It, a romance situated in a magic village. The story follows a disenchanted witch who falls for a warlock who disappears during battle. I guess I should attach the genre of erotic romance to it, considering some of the content. I love Nyte Village and it’s inhabitants and visitors more and and more as the years go by.

My philosophy right now is the more I finish, the more I have to share. Hopefully I’ll get to share more with readers soon!