Works In Progress

The Scholar’s Apprentice: Secret of the Valor Lexicon

The world the Scribes inhabit is called the subspace. The subspace is a world where creation fills the air, making paintings come off of the canvas and stories take over the reality around you at will.

Scholar Octavia entrusts to Ti’ere (now known by her Title, Sun Star) a legendary object of great importance: the Valor lexicon. Lexicons are passed from Scholar to Apprentice once the Apprentice takes the place of their teachers on the Council and are sacred objects, each belonging to the people of the subspace.

Pursued by a ruthless and powerful adversary who will stop at nothing to get all of the lexicons, Sun Star must use all her own power, even those which are forbidden, to discover the secret of the lexicons and the Tower. With the help of her childhood friends, dedicated allies, and partners of chance, they brave the onslaught of another war in the subspace, the last war which could change their reality (permanently) forever. Read an excerpt @ Leanpub.

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A Survey of Worlds: The Journey of Orion Te’lee

An explorer renews her pilot’s license to fulfill a childhood dream and travel her home galaxy, seeing fantastic and wonderful things along the way. She visits planets and meets the people there, all the while discovering more about her homeworld and the all-consuming threat looming over the entire universe.

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Two Winds of Willowend Way

Totally extrapolating and expanding on J.K. Rowling’s Gryffindor and Slytherin House rivalry and their fundamental differences in philosophy and morals, Two Winds of Willowend Way tells the story of the Dracos and the Severins, two warring powerful magical families and their Heirs who rule over Nyte Village.

Kay Draco, the Heir of Dragones House, and Sercio Severin, the Heir of Serpenten House, despise each other–naturally. In a series of encounters, both find that their feelings for each other evolve into something more complicated than the legacy of conflict between their families.

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Adara Brighton is a dream walker and fights evil manifestations in her lucid dreams. Targeted by a manipulative mega-conglomerate corporation that wishes to harness and continue to destroy this ability in the world’s populace for global domination and to create an army of mindless slaves, Adara must join other dream walkers to champion an invisible war that is waged in the subconscious of every self-aware person in the system.

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