Editing the first draft of Love Little

I wanted to publish something before the end of the year, namely the second half of Path of the Righteous. Looks like I may not be publishing anything at all. What’s more important, publishing or writing?

I have finished the initial draft of my short story, Love Little. It’s about a mousey boy in an “out-crowd-of-one” named Love Little whose disappointed parents send him to summer camp where he meets an unexpected friend and kindred spirit.  I wanted my #1 fan and beta reader to read it for me but it has so many typos and other assorted rough patches, that I asked her to hold off even though I’ve already eye emailed it to her.

After I lost two to three months worth of work on my stolen Kindle’s hard drive in August, I was devastated and disoriented. I still can’t quite get my head straight and start writing again. Rushing into editing Love Little the moment I was done with it was a bad idea and I’ve slowed the process even if I haven’t stopped completely.

Isn’t there a rule or guideline somewhere that says writers shouldn’t work on editing or rewriting stories immediately after the first draft?

I don’t have an exact framework or timeline for editing and sharing. The only rules I do have for my work is read it once before sharing and don’t share until you’re sure you want people to read it.


Read ‘Acier {Ah-Cee-Ay}’, free from Smashwords

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Acier is avaliable to read on Smashwords. Download it for free in the format of your choice ^_^.

A young man waiting tables. A finely dressed stranger who wears his hat inside. The editor-in-chief of the town newspaper. These three lost souls are connected by the glittering and extravagant parlor of Acier. Who is the dream? Who is flesh and blood? Who can leave and who must stay? What does it mean to exist? Who can lay claim to the power of dreams and lost things?

In this mysterious and snowy little town nestled high on a mountain, the line between what is real and what is fantasy is as separable as the edge of the earth and the sill of the sky.

‘Acier’ {Ah-Cee-Ay}, next Smashwords publication–January 1st


I took Spanish through grade school and Japanese in college. I have little to no concept of French pronunciation. So when I titled this short story, I would say it Ah-See-Ay.

And I still say it like that despite the fact that Google translate told me I was wrong T__T. So please don’t tell people that this is the actual pronunciation of the word for steel in French, its just the title of my story.

This is a lost place…a fae place. The tears of stars, the jewels of magpies, the memories snatched by finches, the stolen treasures of taphs…that is what this place is.

Acier is a descriptive bit of fiction about a mysterious town nestled on Mount Elbrus. I suppose I should think of a better description soon….

It was inspired by a song actually, “Love Remembered” by Worjciech Kilar from Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), and scenes from the same movie*.

*NSFW? The music in the video is very low but the scenes are some of my favorites.