NaNoWriMo ’16–final day @ 68,362 words

I officially reached over 50,000 words on November 23rd and have continued writing. Since I finished on the same day last year, it seems that’s how long it takes me to write that much with everything else going on.

I have seen people’s avatars on the NaNo forums who reached 100,000 words before I even finished. -__- Sorrow and jealousy. But regardless, the goal I set for myself last year is 70,000 words. In a few hours, I will reach that goal.

Its been a challenge. There’s always some mess or other going on in the background and distracting me. The good news is I did it. The even better news is I only have about five major scenes left in Oracle before I’m finished writing the novel. (The first draft or whatever you prefer to call it.) This is the first time I’ve ever written a full-length novel in six months. The bad and good news is I’m not done yet and the story is getting too big and too long for my head so I’ve decided to write it in three books. Originally, I had intended for it to be a much shorter project than it is. I’ll let the muse continue to carry me until I reach the intended and anticipated end of Oracle.

I’m going to finish Nation Novel Writing Month 2016…then I’m going to take a long nap. *sigh*


NaNoWriMo Fiction Contest+JukePop Serials *December 1, 2013 through April 1, 2014*

The Taker cover 2.2

NaNoWriMo Fiction Contest+JukePop Serials *December 1, 2013 through April 1, 2014*

The Taker got accepted to JukePop Serials for the NaNoWriMo 2013 Fiction Contest! I will proceed to make a big deal out of this! I will be posting chapters of the novella from December to April 1, 2014 on JukePop. So please stop by, read, and vote for me!

I was just applying and registering everywhere there were NaNo sponsors using my finished works. Both Smashwords and JukePop got The Taker.

So you can buy The Taker on Smashwords (and support the author with your purchase) for the chance to enjoy reading it without interruption or you can register at JukePop Serials, VOTE FOR ME AND THE TAKER, and read it in installments for free every month.