Infinity Second by S.T. Rucker, serializing on JukePop and Wattpad

Everybody knows that everybody dies. But how many people can say they live twice but die only once? Nikelle Evans discovers she is a special kind of human called a Mortality. They are human in almost every way…except before they die and see their life flash before their eyes, they have one very long second in which to live an entirely separate life as a different person. After joining the Mortality Investigations Bureau, Nick/Nikelle unravels the secrets behind the death of her mother.

Infinity Second is now serializing on JukePop and Wattpad. I gave the novella a little momentum before continuing to talk about it on my blog, so it is now in Chapter Nine: The Throne of Chronos. In the latest installment, Nick is visiting the Mortality Investigations Bureau for the first time and enters the Throne of Chronos, a mysterious place inside the Bureau tied to the god of Time.

Oracle by S.T. Rucker is nearing completion so feel free to check out that full-length novel on both Wattpad and JukePop platforms as well.



Presenting ‘Infinity Second’–2017 Summer Writing Project | JukePop + 1888

Read Oracle (Book 1) by S.T. Rucker on Jukepop

During the 2016 Summer Writing Project last year, my novel, Oracle, made the Top 25 entries for the contest. I was disappointed that it didn’t win but it is now six chapters away from completion, intended for a full length, three-book series, and more than I ever hoped for. So I’m glad and proud of what I’ve accomplished.

I’m still working on building my readership and Jukepop hasn’t worked out for me in the popularity department, so to speak. This is part of the reason I decided against participating in 1888 and Jukepop’s Summer Writing Project contest this year and also leaving JukePop for a different platform. But I changed my mind after asking the opinion of a friend. Also I had a story I wanted to let out so here we are. I may continue to publish on JukePop but I realize I need to branch out and find somewhere else to direct my energy.

I have absolutely no illusions about winning the contest but I’m submitting anyway. Without further ado, the novella that I am sharing for the 2017 Summer Writing Project is entitled INFINITY SECOND. Look forward to another update soon and the posting of the first chapters on JukePop

Nikelle Evans discovers she is a special kind of human called a Mortality. They are human in almost every way…only before they die and see their life flash before their eyes, they have one very long second in which to live an entirely separate life as a different person. After joining the Mortality Investigation Bureau–the M.I.B.–Nick/Nikelle unravels the secrets behind the death of her mother.



I made my book covers using the very helpful ebook templates on ^__^




Still alive


Hey, hey, hey there.

I didn’t “win” 1888’s 2016 Summer Writing Project, not at all unexpected, but I am still working to finish my novel, Oracle, serialized on Jukepop. Usually, I’d really be down about this kind of thing after putting myself out there but I’m managing the mantle of disappointment and suspicions of inferiority pretty well.

I appreciate the recognition of 1888, everyone who voted for me on Jukepop, and the grace of entering the Top 25 in the writing project. And believe me, I thirsted for the rewards and further recognition of winning this competition. I’m not sure how I should or should have used the opportunity so it’s now time to move on, I guess. Time to get back to the heart of this story…ME. Though I really wanted my novel to win, I started writing Oracle as a gift to myself for my birthday, to write a story I (in the precarious state of both reader and writer) want to read–not for a competition or for votes or to participate in the virtual Hunger Games that is literary/publishing world.

Oracle is going on its 37th and likely 38th chapter this week. I look forward to seeing its journey though.

There are so many stories yet trying to get out of my head. Because I feel it’s unwise to divide my energy and attention, I don’t usually work on more than one book or short story at a time. I’ll be an old lady before most of them get squeezed out. -__-


I’m in the Top 25 Authors of the Jukepop and 1888 Summer Writing Project!

I entered my serialized and ongoing novella Oracle in the 2016 Summer Writing Project on JukePop with only the intention of publishing something for my birthday. I’m surprised and proud to announce that I ended up getting selected as one of the Top 25 Authors. On August 1st, one author will be picked for publishing with professional cover art by Irvin Rodriguez.

This is my podcast interview with Dean Moses about Oracle and my month-long writing experience. I don’t care how much public speaking I’ve done, I still get rattled and nervous every single time I do things like this! But Dean, one of three winners of the last year’s Summer Writing Project, was really nice and I got through to the other side of the interview, probably because he was so kind and cool about it. I  was so nervous and yet I get so excited when I’m talking to other writers! Feel free to listen to the podcasts from the other Top 25 as well, I know I will be!

Speaking of winners from last year, there are three of them. This year, they’re only picking ONE. I won’t lie, I want to win. I feel the pressure. Three issues that I foresee:

  1. My novella isn’t a novella anymore. I wrote 22 out of 30 days last month. Each chapter is 800 to about 2000 words. My book way over 35,000-40,000 words now. The rules use the word novella constantly. Even I did get the right reader analytics according to JukePop,, that might count against me.
  2. Outreach, marketability–I don’t know how any of those things will turn out for me.
  3. Most importantly, I have made a commitment to staying true to the integrity, heart, and pacing of Oracle. I’ll hate myself if I betray that for a competition. My desire, underneath it is all, and the right thing to do is keep writing until the end.

When I started writing and talking about Oracle nearly two weeks before my birthday, I vaguely imagined how nice it would be to be picked as one of the Top 25 Authors but I didn’t expect any recognition. Even if I don’t come out as the author that receives this wonderful opportunity from 1888, I got so much more out of entering the Summer Writing Project than I imagined and I’m writing a story that I love.

Please follow and read Oracle on JukePop. Enjoy. Vote. Tell me what you think!

Smashwords High Fantasy ebook, ‘Path of the Righteous’, Defies Expectations and Disparity of Its Genre

Author S.T. Rucker Weaves an Open and Vibrant Literary Fantasy Tale That Intersects Race, Class, and Gender Instead of Avoiding or Masking It

Atlanta, Ga. June 16, 2014 —Atlanta native and author, S.T. Rucker, has published Path of the Righteous, a speculative fiction novel that follows bibliophile Dahlia En’te into a world of demons, faeries, and angelic beings of creation, after she discovers herself entrapped in the political schemings of human men. Many readers and writers of fantasy, science fiction, and other genres and combinations under the speculative fiction umbrella expect writers to encourage a suspension of or ignorance of lived experiences with racism, classism, and heterosexism or politicized worldviews like feminism and womanism or fat acceptance—Path of the Righteous promises no such thing and neither does Rucker for her current and future publications.

“Fiction contributes to how we perceive, perpetuate, and create our reality, so how come People of Color seem virtually non-existent in any meaningful and empowering ways there?” said S.T. Rucker, author of The Taker novella and Path of the Righteous. “Since I was a kid and since I started blogging in 2009, I hear Black/of Color readers and viewers begging the white-dominated media to include characters of Color and include them not just in stories about hustling and getting a man, not just as sidekicks and other stereotypes, like that guy who gets killed off three seconds into the movie; these readers and viewers want to see them as MAIN characters who stick around and, you know, might just happen run into a couple of talking unicorns selling giant space hamburgers or something. So, yes, Dahlia En’te is a character of Color, and yes, she is going on this fantastical journey—albeit she’s tossed into it at first.”

Dahlia goes from working class girl living in an impoverished community who just wants some good books to read to sacrificial offering to human-eating demons in the deep woods—and its not the end for her. Through her journey, we experience wonder, beauty, and magical locales, we see young people facing difficult truths, finding empowerment, embracing their humanity and potentiality, and trying to deal with how generational ignorance and systemic oppression causes the suffering of everyone around them.

For a limited time (Monday, June 16 through Saturday, June 21), an electronic book version of Path of the Righteous, normally priced at $3.99, will be available to the public with 50% percent off at using the following coupon code: SX67B.


About S.T. Rucker

Originally from Atlanta, S.T. Rucker moved to Fresno, California shortly after graduating from Seattle University. An almost English/Creative Writing and Sociology double major who thought she’d never be published, she heard about Smashwords from a friend and embraced independent publishing to share her stories and vision with the world. She is the author of The Taker and Acier, available on Smashwords. For more about S.T. Rucker visit her at, on Facebook and Twitter, and read her Smashwords profile .


S.T. Rucker

struckerwrites at

Cat Eyes


Cat Eyes is a novella I released on Valentine’s Day this year.

I wrote Cat Eyes in high school. At the time, I was sure I had to write urban literature since that’s what it looked like other writers were doing and what my intended audience would be into.

I spent many days writing it by hand (but when it came time to type it up, I wasn’t too thrilled). I shared it with some acquaintances who were no strangers to Zane and was happy when it was received well and I was praised.

Since it was written during my formative years, I still feel very awkward about sharing it with anybody who bothered to look at it. Clicking that publish button on Smashwords was pretty hard…so was the editing. Reading words I wrote years ago is kind of hard for me because I decided somewhere inside to never look back, just keep going forward. I guess I’ve had sad, beautiful life.

I don’t think my main character’s life is sad at all. Harrowing maybe, brutal, violent but not sad. Persian Daniels keeps getting up no matter how many times she is knocked down. She feels her wounds but she doesn’t let it stop her from moving forward to her own wholeness and taking the love she wants.



a hardback copy of my book + a Valentine’s Day release

I’ve been in the clouds recently filling orders from my almost-small-business and I’m coming up on the deadline for an offer from NaNoWriMo to its winners to get a supposedly free first edition of one of my manuscripts from


I have three or so manuscripts that are unfinished but novel length. Path of the Righteous (Book I) is the one I chose.

So I’m in the process of combing through it for as much editing as I can manage then I’m sending it off. As I understand it, I only have to pay shipping and handling for this edition.  I had intended to offer this book for free on Smashwords, but what’s the harm in having both? Someone wants to pay for a hard copy, or they just want to read the book without hassle– all sounds fine to me. Believe me, I want to be paid for my work; however, this need conflicts with my beliefs as an artist (that art isn’t something you should have to pay for). So, as a reader and writer, if I read it for free, really like it, and had the money to pay, I’d want a hard copy 😀

Though I know that not everyone thinks like me, I’m “selling myself short”, and should stop giving things away for free (which is also a problem I’m having with my quasi-small business–not charging people what I feel I deserve to be paid for my art crafts).

In addition, I am also releasing a special Valentine’s Day novella–Cat Eyes (one of my older works). More on both books coming soon.