Books by S.T. Rucker

The Taker: a novella by S.T. Rucker

The Taker: a novella by S.T. Rucker available at Smashwords

In the stronghold city of Sanctuary, the price of peace is determined by the blade of justice and the staff of holy men.

Ameel is an outcast, an Unspeakable, marked in the eyes of others by the death of her parents. Little do they know that by night Ameel loyally races rooftops in a shroud of darkness, hunting down thieves, murderers, and other wrongdoers in the name of justice and in the protection of the very people who scorn her. She is a bladed shadow, One Who Does Evil Deeds, one of the Black Koda.

Adam is the only person who has ever tried to befriend Ameel and she is convinced she must keep herself and this secret from him. She firmly believes that what she is doing is right and that wrongdoers must be punished but doesn’t want her stigma to ruin his chance at acceptance and happiness.

When her beliefs are challenged by Grahame, a besotted and handsome priest who doesn’t know what she is but tries to convince her that even wrongdoers deserve mercy and salvation, Ameel begins to want more than a half life of solitude and piety by day and bloodshed and duty by night.

With the brutal murder of a young girl, those burgeoning desires die a quick death and Linogue Mark, the religious ruler of Sanctuary and shadow leader of the Black Koda, again commands Ameel to do her duty under the guise of justice–

She is called to do the unthinkable: Ameel must slay her only friend.

The Taker intimately engages (perhaps without answering) the question of whether or not capital punishment is really a deterrent to crime. Buy or read an excerpt at Smashwords.

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aciercover resizeA short story. Three lost souls are connected by the glittering and extravagant parlor of Acier. Who is a dream? Who is flesh and blood? Who can leave and who must stay? Who can lay claim to the power of dreams and lost things? In this mysterious and snowy little town nestled high on a mountain, the line between what is real and what is fantasy is as separable as the edge of the earth and the sill of the sky.

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cateyescoverWith her formative years shaped by the abuse and neglect experienced at the hands of her parents, survivor Persian “Purr” Daniels soon faces the uncertain world of adulthood, better known as “life after high school” .

Persian continues on the overwhelming journey of breaking a cycle of working around the trauma that has scarred her and instead finally beginning to work through it as fate unwinds for her a previously unexplored romance with her childhood friend, Demetrius Jones.

She reaches for a future that is not constricted and chained by her past but molded and defined by her own desires.


potrcover2Accepting an invitation to the wealthy and prestigious town on the hill in the hopes of indulging her love of reading and knowledge leads to more than Dahlia En’te bargained for.

Lured into the schemes of amoral men then hunted by demons and aided by fantastical beings of myth, Dahlia and her kitten companion, Sox, are thrown into an epic journey that will lead to the fulfillment of a destiny written in the stars by angels.

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