Write on, Gurl!

I have completed the draft of my second short story this year and will let it ruminate for now.
The first one I finished, Fire Ribbon (which I mentioned without title in 18 Things This Creative Artist Has Done So Far This Year) is a romantic/erotic romance fantasy short with three different endings and two different versions–the first version of the story has nameless characters with no dialogue, purely romantic with a fantasy element and takes place in a fictional town.
fire ribbon contents annttd
The other two stories start out similarly to the first in the same fictional town and are exactly the same until they diverge at the climax of the story and have different endings; it’s definitely erotic and romantic in nature with a kinky bite and delves more into the fantasy end of things with mysterious, magical characters that suddenly pop up together. So Fire Ribbon has two versions with three different endings. I was thinking about those old Goosebumps books that told you what page to turn to and it effected the plot and what ending you got! I also couldn’t which version of the story I wanted to write so I just wrote and kept them all.
The story I finished this past week is titled Purple Avatar: the rage. This short story/novella follows Micah Highlander, an ex-child soldier turned bodyguard for an escort service, as she guards her charge and secret love interest, Sable Kindes, living on a futuristic technologically advanced Earth unduly influenced by corporate interest and discriminatory body regulations. For a futuristic story, that’s certainly nothing new, right! Its themes are fat positivity, sci-fi/afrofuturism, erotic romance, and dystopian. It originally started out serialized as “Shihoin Avatar: the rage” on two other blogs of mine. After my blogs weren’t doing so well in terms of audience, I didn’t really think it mattered if I deleted them, so I did and I thought Purple Avatar: the rage would never be finished. Then, at some point after that, I made up my mind to finish every story I’ve ever written that has an ending or conceivable ending and that’s how I got to this moment where I can say I finished it! I think there’s a lot of room for more of the story, including Micah’s travels around the galaxy and her past as a conscripted cybernetic child soldier.
I’ve already started finishing Crypt of Angels, the second half of The Taker (which you can read for free on JukePop Serials or buy on Smashwords for 0.99 cent to help me out) and the second and final book of Path of the Righteous, Scepter of the Sovereign (no banner yet, my bad).

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