18 Things This Creative Artist Has Done So Far This Year

This has been an eventful year for me since I decided to go for it and do what I want to do with my life and my creative work.

I’m proud to say that this year I:

  1. declared myself an independent author,
  2. published my first full length novel,
  3. opened my Etsy crafts store,
  4. started reaching out to readers and other writers in spite of my anxieties, history of disappointments, and general fear of people,
  5. found my love of writing again,
  6. started trying to acknowledge my social network (two friends and a supporter),
  7. bought two proof copies of my novel,
  8. actively sought out reviewers,
  9. published 3 short stories/novellas,
  10. started a blog I know no one reads instead of sticking with my previous platform of over 600 followers on Twitter and across 6 blogs on WordPress and Tumblr,
  11. seemingly gained two supporters in my family along with some acknowledgement from my mother and sister,
  12. bought a domain for a self-hosted blog/website,
  13. ended my self-hosting service days later and broke up with “getting noticed”,
  14. put myself out there,
  15. started to respect my own work and creative space,
  16. made the choice to let the reader decide instead of being too afraid to publish from fear of dislike and obscurity,
  17. started and finished a new short story (and with two different versions and three different endings too ^_^).
  18. started trying to write everyday and finish old work before I start new work.

And so much more to come, the year isn’t over yet!

One thought on “18 Things This Creative Artist Has Done So Far This Year

  1. Write on, Gurl! – Sepia Heaven

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