To Publish or Not to Publish Without Professional Editing (and Other Issues): Releasing My First Full-Length Novel


A lot has been going on since my last post here at Sepia Heaven, including the passing of my grandmother.

Path of the Righteous is a story that begins, depending on how you look at it, with a girl who just wants to read some books and it seems her thirst for knowledge has led her into a bigger trap than she realizes at first.

I like the story because though Dahlia’s journey is harsh, it takes her to fantastic places and in the end she comes out stronger than any of her adversaries or obstacles.

Path of the Righteous is set to be my first full-length novel and I haven’t completely read through it for some cursory editing. I’d like to have a professional do it but hesitation and doubt just keeps winning in addition to literally not having the money to pay anybody to take the time to review and/or look over my writing. I have some inkling as to how to begin looking for an editor if I really want one and feel its necessary. I just want my first book to be kind of shiny and polished I guess.

In addition to living in an environment that’s counterproductive and sometimes even toxic to my writing process, I also want to roll out the book with professional cover art (more money) and a press release letter and everything. Though I want these things, I feel bogged down by my own ever-mounting delusions of grandeur that then collapse right back into the fact that I haven’t even finished editing yet and every time I look back at what I’ve already done, I see something new to edit. Something different to “fix”. There’s also an investigation into continuity with the sequel and a scene or two I’d like to add to Path of the Righteous (Book I) itself..

I’m so indecisive and emotionally and mentally constipated about the whole thing by now that I’m considering compiling a book of short stories to publish first instead.

But why? I think the reason is because it would take me even more time to write and compile those short stories, thereby preventing me from publishing anything for an even longer amount of time. Self sabotage. Doubt. Uncertainty. Attempts at perfectionism.

The truth is I just want to publish the damn book and forget about all this other stuff in my head. Shove it out there, edit as I notice stuff. Nothing like the pressure of sticking the book out there and trying to change typos and other editing issues before anyone else sees them, hahaha :-D. I don’t want my readers to have a potentially bad experience but this maybe the only way I can get anything out there without drowning in anxiety/panic attacks every five seconds and succumbing to procrastination and other forms of self-sabotage.

I’ll work through this, so please look forward to seeing Path of the Righteous on Smashwords in ebook format and available in hard copy probably on Lulu soon.

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2 thoughts on “To Publish or Not to Publish Without Professional Editing (and Other Issues): Releasing My First Full-Length Novel

  1. Have you thought about beta readers, a critique partner? Once you get your work out there, you’ll feel more confident about it.
    If you’re doubting your work, an editor might be the way to go. They can point out the good and bad bits, help to improve it.
    You need a plan. And then you need to stick to it.

    • Thank you for reading, Cassandra. I know what my situation is and what the plan is. Like I said, the book is due this Spring, its just going to take me a little longer than if I had dedicated, supportive people around me.

      I may want support but the truth is I can do it myself, as I always have. Because what’s the point of hunting people down then sitting around waiting for their help? Looking for and waiting for people to help me has never gotten me anywhere and its not like I can pay them. Without incentive, no one helps anybody for free–that’s been my life experience.

      I’m just talking about my anxieties as a way to help me get through them. The plan I’m sticking to never really changed.

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