‘Acier’ {Ah-Cee-Ay}, next Smashwords publication–January 1st


I took Spanish through grade school and Japanese in college. I have little to no concept of French pronunciation. So when I titled this short story, I would say it Ah-See-Ay.

And I still say it like that despite the fact that Google translate told me I was wrong T__T. So please don’t tell people that this is the actual pronunciation of the word for steel in French, its just the title of my story.

This is a lost place…a fae place. The tears of stars, the jewels of magpies, the memories snatched by finches, the stolen treasures of taphs…that is what this place is.

Acier is a descriptive bit of fiction about a mysterious town nestled on Mount Elbrus. I suppose I should think of a better description soon….

It was inspired by a song actually, “Love Remembered” by Worjciech Kilar from Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), and scenes from the same movie*.

*NSFW? The music in the video is very low but the scenes are some of my favorites.


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