So now its 99 cent

The only reason The Taker isn’t being offered for free on Smashwords is because I need the money.

I really need to get something else published so I’m not constantly adjusting the price and tags on this one book. I think I’ve got some help with that and I’m looking at some of my short stories to see what I can offer for free.

I also need to be patient. If the book sells at all, its not going to sell over night.

The Taker went from 3.99 to 2.99. to .99. Because I’m totally overthinking it. Of course I think its worth at least 2.99 but in overthinking the situation, I started to go, “Well, you’re a new author with no positive reviews, no reviews at all actually, under your belt. You think people are going to take a risk and buy your work just like that? Its totally likely no one will notice you at all.” So I changed the price twice. Smh. I’m very proud of myself for trying for doing so much in a few days and I need to act like it.

In the meantime, while I’m trying to stop overthinking, I’m doing the platform building, trying to figure out what communities I want to be part of, and where I want to start writing my reviews. Book Country, JukePop, and the books I got from Kobo are likely places to start.

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