Really Liking Aeon Timeline

NaNoWriMo turned out some decent sponsor offerings this year. I am currently on a trial version of Aeon Timeline.

Its very useful. I can now crawl into a hole with my manuscripts and micromanage my characters’ lives and world events right down to the second, muhahaha!!!sora2

But, seriously (as if I wasn’t before…), Aeon Timeline has already helped my novella, The Taker, which I recently published on Smashwords. I expected to have some grammatical and flow issues since I don’t have a professional editor (and cannot afford one). However, in plotting out the world of the story with Aeon Timeline, I noticed some discrepancies regarding three of my characters’ ages around a key event that happened prior to the story’s current events. (There’s no way one person could’ve been thirteen, another three, and the other five given their birthdates and the time of the event.) I also found some of my typos on the way through my novella while plotting on my story’s timeline. Using Aeon even pushed and inspired me to fill in some gaps, flesh out some background, and reword a few errors to my liking.

It was a little confusing to me at first, but that’s only because I hadn’t comprehended just how great it was yet and have been reading so many how-tos I just can’t read any instructions unless I absolutely have to. To comprehend the features and how they work with plotting a timeline I had to reacquaint myself with the meaning of terms like BCE and AD. I had to remind myself how bad I am at remembering historical events that people think everyone is supposed to know. I mean, how does one suck at history? I suck at history…and that’s why I’m better at making it up *wink*. This software allows me to plot the history and current events of my worlds and my head has been spinning with all the stories I want to use with this software. I even read that I can synchronize it with Scrivener (which I still don’t know how to do even after reading the how-to…).

3 thoughts on “Really Liking Aeon Timeline

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